Monday, February 10, 2014

Carrara or Carrara Look?

I know we have done several posts about the advantages and disadvantages of stone tiles in the past....but let's take another look at a current favorite: carrara.

We have excellent carrara looking porcelain tiles, that give you the feel of natural stone without the maintenance of sealing. To protect the beauty of natural stone we recommend sealing the stone's surface every 1-5 years dependent on where it is installed. Porcelain tiles are already protected by the glaze that is fired at high temperatures making it very durable and nonporous.

The biggest downfall of using a porcelain version is the limitations in sizes and patterns. Take a look below at some of the mosaic options available in the natural stone...

Marble Mosaics

Incredible! They are also available in just about any field tile size from 3x6 subway tile to large format 18x18 tiles for your floor. Natural stone is a versatile material that can be used on any floor or wall surface. As long as it is properly cared for it will be beautiful for years to come. Both the natural stone and porcelain options are great, you just have to decide which one is the best fit for you.

Porcelain Tile

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Going industrial?

As I am sure you are aware, there is a trend in the design industry called industrial. The basics of this design style is just that, basic. Industrial is about clean lines, simplicity, functionality, and repurposing.

Florida Tile Urbanite Concrete
The first thing I think of when I hear someone say industrial is concrete. However if you are trying to achieve an industrial style on the second floor of your home, concrete may not be a possibility for you. Then consider this, industrial styled tiles. The main color scheme in industrial design is grey, all shades of grey, with a little black and white. Pops of color are ok if you stick with cool tones and maybe a couple accents in citrine, fuchsia, or other vibrant colors if that appeals to you.

You can build a foundation in your industrial style home with a basic tile floor. Industrial spaces are large and open, so enhance that by using a large format tile (12"x24", 18"x18", 24"x24", etc.) that has an overall solid appearance. No rustic travertine or polished marble for this look.

Florida Tile Aventis Velvet
Tau Gres Metallica Corten-A

Metals are also an important part of industrial design, but be sure to use cool tones in metal. Stay away from gold and brass, instead use stainless, nickel, or metals with a touch of natural patina on them. Keep it simple and solid as with all other aspects of industrial design. You can add a metallic touch on your floor with porcelain tile or accent a wall with metal mosaic.
Maniscalco Murray River Metals Antique Copper
Since industrial is rough and solid with no frills it can get quite cold and by cold I am referring to temperature. Rugs don't fit into the industrial style, so instead you can heat your tiles with a radiant floor heat or an electric warm tile system. This will take the cold chill off the surface of your floor while maintaining a true industrial style.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Add a Metallic Touch

Metal tiles are a great, modern accent to add to almost any project. Metal tiles come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They make great accents on just about any wall surface. Some metals are suitable for the floor as well, but take caution to read manufacturer specifications on use of the products some may have limitations.
Original Style Metal Mosaics
Sydney Harbor Metal

Victoria Metals
Some decoratives are metal imitation, they have the same great look but come at a lower price point. This can give you a stunning design without breaking that bank. Metal decoratives such as Maniscalco's Sydney Harbor Metal collection offer a variety of patterns. Traditional rope moldings or inserts to cut into to your tile design. Sydney Harbor Metals offer five colors: bronze, brushed nickel, copper, oil rubbed bronze, and rust. You can pick a color that best accents the surrounding tile or maybe even match your hardware or plumbing fixtures.

Another popular trend is stainless steel accents. You can find stainless steel field tiles like 4"x4" squares or 3"x6" subway tiles. There are also endless shapes available in both brushed or polished stainless. Original Style has a variety of shapes and sizes of stainless in their mosaic line. They even have unique shapes like their domed or split face mosaics.

Maniscalco has recently introduced a line of metal mosaics: Victoria Metals. The blend is available in two patterns and offers a unique use of metal tiles. Victoria Metals are etched aluminum and are 98% recycled. You can read more about this line on their website. Another hit from Maniscalco is their Anakie Marble and Metal Blend that combines traditional polished marble with aged copper.

Anakie Marble and Metal Blend
When creating designs with any metal mosaics please remember to check manufacturer specifications, the metals are gorgeous and remain so if they are used properly. Some metals such as the aged copper should not be used in wet areas as it will increase the speed at which it naturally oxidizes. When using metal with stone, be sure you are using a stone sealer that will not harm the metal or take extra precaution to avoid getting sealer on the metal accents or mosaics. If installed properly the metal tiles will make a stunning accent for years to come.